Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Little Shaky

I was working away yesterday when I noticed the ground was shaking. More appropriately, the building was shaking. I'm on the top floor of a building on a hill, so things were shaking quite a bit. It turns out a 6.1 quake hit the town of Panzhihua yesterday, just across the border in Sichuan. This is in a different spot from the one that hit May 12th. There are reports of some casualties and collapsed buildings over there. It's too bad. There are a lot of poor, remote areas in the hills around the area, and Sichuan's still having a tough time in the rescue effort from the previous, more deadly quake.

For everyone with friends out here, Kunming is fine. No damage, as far as anyone has heard. The ground shook again the same time today, but less intense. This is getting old.

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