Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nanshan Open 07

Thank the Christmas Pacific earthquake, which severed the Pacific-US communications cable, for my delays in posting. Believe it or not, we over here in China are still suffering from slower internet access almost a month later.

A few weeks ago I went with some of my laowai buddies to Nanshan, a small ski resort outside of Beijing, to watch the Nanshan Open, a snowboard competition at their bitchin new snowboard park. Chinese and international boarders duked it out on the enormous kickers for a chance at 10,000 euros for first place.

I didn't stick around to watch who won, but the Chinese boarders, most notably Wang Lei (China's top rider) put on a good show, with international pros hailing from Norway, Canada and a few other really cold places.

The event was sponsored by Red Bull (thx for the free drinks!) with some punk bands performing right in the park thanks to Gibson. Cheers to Beijing's local snowboard scene for being a lot hotter than most folks on the outside would imagine. Also cheers to all the people, foreigner and Chinese alike, who are working to build this market and scene. You guys really have your sh** together.

Pics should be appearing above shortly...

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